Monday, October 3, 2011


Curtin Rugby Club Event of the year!
Come and support your local rugby club! See you there

President Y2011

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crocodile Attack!!

This is literally crocodiles. Not human-become-crocodile issue, nor the title we have on our club, Curtin CROCS. Beware of this, and please take it seriously.

This is a very possible situation we are dealing now. Lets check some of the facts we have here.

1- Crocodiles live in swampy area, and look around you! There are swamps!!
2- Sarawak is known for Bujang Senang legendary myth. Why? Because crocodiles are a lot here!
3- Even if this swamp is clear from crocodile before, remember crocodile farm is just few kilometers away. And it is highly possible that some of the babies escaped to nature, which is the swamp that connects to ours!

However, don't freaked out. Just be careful with our surrounding, and we'll be fine. Take care guys.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Curtin Touch 31 May

There will a touch tournament this weekend,sunday 31 May.

Team will consists of 10 players, 6 playing, 4 subs. 4 girls must be in a team. So this is a mixed tournament.

Registration is RM75 per team, so if you share to register, it is only RM7.50 per person.

So, contact us to register.

Beginners?? Don't worry. We'll teach you. Training session will be on wednesday, thursday, friday. And it's free!!

See you!!

Miri 10s - Plate Champion

Sunday, 24May - Miri Division Rugby Union organised a rugby tournament, 10s aside, took place in Stadium Miri. This is the first time ever a rugby tournament in Miri held in a stadium.

There were 2 categories involved, open and under 18. Under 18 only involved 2 teams anyway.

For open category, 6 teams turned up. They are Miri(Rhyno, and Hornbill), Malaysian ROyal Army (20 RAMD), us(Curtin CROCS), Sibu(Swan) and a team from Brunei, Kuala Belait Phyton. KB Phyton is the champion of Brunei rugby league.

Teams were devided into 2 groups. CROCS played 20 RAMD and had an easy victory despite a scrappy game. The opponent was tough and fit, but they lacked in technical ability of rugby. The scrappy game continued, and that troubled the CROCS when we play Miri Rhynos.

The result of the lost to Rhyno led us to play the strong Sibu team in semi final. Sibu has 2 Fijian in their team which made the strong team even more stronger. However, the CROCS showed their true character in this match by giving some fight, and strengthen the defence a little bit compare to the previous match. We still lost, but the spirit was high.

Therefore, we ended in the Plate Division Final. Waiting was KB Phytons. Despite the creadibility brought by the champion of Brunei, the CROCS without the most experience player Gala(lat minute cramp), fought the final battle and surprisingly came on top to win the Plate. We won with 4 tries, and 2 conversion which gave us 24-0 result. The defence very was solid in this game.

CROCS were represented by:
Shafiq Afifi
Hafiz Ganu

Congratulation guys!!! Eventhough this is the busiest time of the sem, your commitment towards the game never change which reflect our strong attitude!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Combined Ruggers Of Curtin Sarawak (CROCS)


That's our name. It stands for Combined Ruggers Of Curtin Sarawak.

"CROCS" History
In Malaysia, generally Sarawak is synonym with either Hornbill, and the Legendary Bujang Senang. "Bujang Senang" is name given to a superior crocodiles that lived in a river deep in Sarawak forest.
We know rugby teams are called with their fancy name. Lets take few examples in Malaysia, Serdang Angels, Sandakan Eagles, NS Wanderers, COBRA and etc.
To match that, we came out with few options during CRC first official meeting that considered as the opening of Curtin Rugby CLub.
In history, Curtin Waderers had won a Miri 7s' Tournament (2005). So "Wanderers" might be a good name.
However, during the meeting, "Bull" was choosen by the attendees.

The story behind the story was that, the person who suggested CROCS earlier was absent from the meeting, therefore the suggestion was not raised.
However, one of the club founders, Nicholas Galabato (Gala) found that CROCS can be the acronym of Combined Ruggers of Curtin Sarawak. Considering all the relevant and matching factors, CROCS was later accepted as clubs famous name.

We are wild like CROCS. Swamp is our field. Funny enough that Curtin rugby field has 50% chances to look like a swamp,or a pool because of poor drainage system. So, it fits us, the Crocs to move comfortably in our swamp.

pre-CROCS era

Let see how rugby in Curtin Miri started.

It was 2005, first semester.

There was a 7s' tournament at MMC field. And Curtin had a team themselves called Curtin Wanderers.

So, did CRC founded in 2005 MArch? NO!!

The key players at that time was Fady, Stanley, Aeron, Iqbal, Gala(did he played for Curtin or Miri?). And the highlight was that Fady, Aeron, Stanley are important people in Curtin Football Club (CFC). Fady was the president. So, yea, it was them who gathered the Curtin players, and get them into the tournament, which they won!!

So, Curtin had high potential in rugby then because even we don't have a proper club, we still win tournament.

Things went better at the end of 2005 when Azfar Zubri came to Curtin. Just to highlight, he was(2003 and before) Malaysia National team captain for under-age category. So, it is very much understood that he is very committed to rugby games. There comes the idea to establish a rugby club here.

2006, we were more serious and making further progress with the club idea. We had meetings and trainings. And so we have the club, known as Curtin Rugby Club (CRC).

Monday, March 30, 2009

Official Site for Curtin Rugby Club - CROCS

Hello everyone. 31st March is the date this site created. I would like to invite all CROCS all to be part of this site, to contribute the contents and arrangement of this site. Feel free to email the site founder tompoq at, or the site's email