Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crocodile Attack!!

This is literally crocodiles. Not human-become-crocodile issue, nor the title we have on our club, Curtin CROCS. Beware of this, and please take it seriously.

This is a very possible situation we are dealing now. Lets check some of the facts we have here.

1- Crocodiles live in swampy area, and look around you! There are swamps!!
2- Sarawak is known for Bujang Senang legendary myth. Why? Because crocodiles are a lot here!
3- Even if this swamp is clear from crocodile before, remember crocodile farm is just few kilometers away. And it is highly possible that some of the babies escaped to nature, which is the swamp that connects to ours!

However, don't freaked out. Just be careful with our surrounding, and we'll be fine. Take care guys.

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  1. 讓好心情回味發酵;壞心情留在文字裡隨時間消逝吧!........................................