Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pre-CROCS era

Let see how rugby in Curtin Miri started.

It was 2005, first semester.

There was a 7s' tournament at MMC field. And Curtin had a team themselves called Curtin Wanderers.

So, did CRC founded in 2005 MArch? NO!!

The key players at that time was Fady, Stanley, Aeron, Iqbal, Gala(did he played for Curtin or Miri?). And the highlight was that Fady, Aeron, Stanley are important people in Curtin Football Club (CFC). Fady was the president. So, yea, it was them who gathered the Curtin players, and get them into the tournament, which they won!!

So, Curtin had high potential in rugby then because even we don't have a proper club, we still win tournament.

Things went better at the end of 2005 when Azfar Zubri came to Curtin. Just to highlight, he was(2003 and before) Malaysia National team captain for under-age category. So, it is very much understood that he is very committed to rugby games. There comes the idea to establish a rugby club here.

2006, we were more serious and making further progress with the club idea. We had meetings and trainings. And so we have the club, known as Curtin Rugby Club (CRC).

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