Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Combined Ruggers Of Curtin Sarawak (CROCS)


That's our name. It stands for Combined Ruggers Of Curtin Sarawak.

"CROCS" History
In Malaysia, generally Sarawak is synonym with either Hornbill, and the Legendary Bujang Senang. "Bujang Senang" is name given to a superior crocodiles that lived in a river deep in Sarawak forest.
We know rugby teams are called with their fancy name. Lets take few examples in Malaysia, Serdang Angels, Sandakan Eagles, NS Wanderers, COBRA and etc.
To match that, we came out with few options during CRC first official meeting that considered as the opening of Curtin Rugby CLub.
In history, Curtin Waderers had won a Miri 7s' Tournament (2005). So "Wanderers" might be a good name.
However, during the meeting, "Bull" was choosen by the attendees.

The story behind the story was that, the person who suggested CROCS earlier was absent from the meeting, therefore the suggestion was not raised.
However, one of the club founders, Nicholas Galabato (Gala) found that CROCS can be the acronym of Combined Ruggers of Curtin Sarawak. Considering all the relevant and matching factors, CROCS was later accepted as clubs famous name.

We are wild like CROCS. Swamp is our field. Funny enough that Curtin rugby field has 50% chances to look like a swamp,or a pool because of poor drainage system. So, it fits us, the Crocs to move comfortably in our swamp.

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