Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Miri 10s - Plate Champion

Sunday, 24May - Miri Division Rugby Union organised a rugby tournament, 10s aside, took place in Stadium Miri. This is the first time ever a rugby tournament in Miri held in a stadium.

There were 2 categories involved, open and under 18. Under 18 only involved 2 teams anyway.

For open category, 6 teams turned up. They are Miri(Rhyno, and Hornbill), Malaysian ROyal Army (20 RAMD), us(Curtin CROCS), Sibu(Swan) and a team from Brunei, Kuala Belait Phyton. KB Phyton is the champion of Brunei rugby league.

Teams were devided into 2 groups. CROCS played 20 RAMD and had an easy victory despite a scrappy game. The opponent was tough and fit, but they lacked in technical ability of rugby. The scrappy game continued, and that troubled the CROCS when we play Miri Rhynos.

The result of the lost to Rhyno led us to play the strong Sibu team in semi final. Sibu has 2 Fijian in their team which made the strong team even more stronger. However, the CROCS showed their true character in this match by giving some fight, and strengthen the defence a little bit compare to the previous match. We still lost, but the spirit was high.

Therefore, we ended in the Plate Division Final. Waiting was KB Phytons. Despite the creadibility brought by the champion of Brunei, the CROCS without the most experience player Gala(lat minute cramp), fought the final battle and surprisingly came on top to win the Plate. We won with 4 tries, and 2 conversion which gave us 24-0 result. The defence very was solid in this game.

CROCS were represented by:
Shafiq Afifi
Hafiz Ganu

Congratulation guys!!! Eventhough this is the busiest time of the sem, your commitment towards the game never change which reflect our strong attitude!

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